Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I saw a letter in the PG about food choices. As a vegetarian for political and health reasons, I am interested in such things. The letter is "Not all meat is alike when it comes to a healthy diet". You would find my response below in the comment section, but as is my want, I will post it below as well:

Ms Murdock may well have the means and the research available to her such that she can identify and purchase healthy food every single time she does buy and eat food. She may have independent sources of information about every restaurant she goes to, where their sources of meat are and how the animals were treated during their life spans. All this information might well be available to a few hundred people i the Pittsburgh area. And so she can sneer at someone having a vegetarian diet and tell them how unhealthy they are.

Ms Murdock could have made practical recommendations to us all about how and where to shop. She could have mentioned the East End Food Coop, or told us how little "organically raised grass-fed beef from humanely treated cattle" there is and what few sources, she might of actually helped many of us. Instead, she sneered at what sounded like very practical recommendations for changing ones diet to a much healthier one given the state of available food in the overwhelming majority of American grocery stores. And in turn she will be sneered at by a variety of smug types who are sure their choices in meat and always healthy. What a missed opportunity.