Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Long time, no see

Where have I been? Well, I have the two jobs, and right at the beginning
of September I had gone on vacay. So anyway, I have lurked on the blogs of others, posting contrary comments and making fallacious predictions. It’s a tough life …

I posted the below elsewhere as a comment, so I am plagiarizing myself.

I have a wee theory about Rumsfeld resigning. When I looked at Gates on Wikipedia, I noticed that Tenet had resigned well before the ’04 election. Obviously if Rummy had resigned a few months ago, someone like Lincoln Chaffee or Melissa Hart might have had a fighting chance with independent voters. But the Lincoln Chafee’s were already trying to distance themselves from Bush. My theory is that since Bush felt he had to do something, most likely get rid of Rumsfeld, he timed it to send a message to the members of his party who had distanced themselves from him. Bush in effect said “I could have helped you, but I don’t reward disloyalty” Yeah, I know Rumsfeld was loyal to a fault, but I guess Bush felt compelled there. I just think he timed it to send a message. We’ll never know, though.

Chatting with a co-worker, she was talking about how she just agrees with the democrat’s proposals, such as national health care and an increase in the minimum wage. Ok, I think we should talk about national health care absolutely, but the minimum wage? I think, far better than punishing employers who hire low wage workers, we (tax payers) share the burden and increase the earned income credit. It is an increase in the minimum wage of grown-ups, of heads of household who really are taking care of families. It’s probably not perfect, but at the same time it is not a pay raise for spoiled teenagers raising money for more concert tickets and beer.

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