Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not really posting ...

SO … I’m still having fun (and depleting my best ideas) posting over on 2politicalJunkies and The People’s Republic of Pittsburgh. So I don’t really have anything to say here that is earth shattering. Pat Dowd’s campaign seems to have been somewhat over shadowed in the Burghosphere (or whatever the small coven of Pittsburgh bloggers is calling it). I just got an email about from his campaign manager about the meeting of the local democratic committee for endorsements. It’s too bad the burgh’s blogosphere is ignoring Dr Dowd, he looks to be just as nerdy as Bill Peduto. If (by some miracle) Peduto should win the primary (and thus the election), who will be the resident nerd for city council? Is Bill Peduto’s council seat opening up, or will there be yet another “special” election (I am incapable of being politically correct; unbidden, thoughts of “special” election candidates running twitching down a Pittsburgh street a la Python’s Upper Class Twit of the Year rumble up from my sub-conscious). Ehh, better stop there.


Mark Rauterkus said...

There would be a special election to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Peduto -- should he win the seat.

Here is the question, however.

If Mr. Peduto wins the D endorsement -- and I'm setting a hog wash trap here -- he could resign his post on city council and the special election could be held the same time as the general election.

Even Gene Ricciardi did NOT do that, and Gene won both the D & R primary and had NO CHALLENGER when he was to take the office of D.M.

Otherwise, expect a primary around March -- if not Feb 2008.

The nerd on council, well, doesn't Doug Shields qualify?

EdHeath said...

Well, first, thanks for commenting on my not really post. I'm not exactly sure (and I know I am setting myself up for something) what a "hog wash trap" is, but clearly as a de facto acknowledgement of the state of affairs in Pittsburgh Peduto could do as you say, resign his seat after winning the local party endorsement. Unless the republicans draft Mario Le-whatever-the-frak-it-is-eaux or Sonni Abatta, I can't see a republican candidate having a prayer in the general election, not even to raise interesting questions.

So isn’t Doug Shields running for Controller? What happens if he wins? Hunh? Hunh? Where’s your nerd then, man? What’ll we do then, Man?

Actually, I was just trying give my two readers a different angle to support Pat Dowd (PhD). I suspect neither of my readers is in the right district anyway (Hi Mom), but between allocating credit charges (for the man!) during the day and doing taxes (for the man!) in the evenings, it’s the best I can do for Dr. Dowd. And after he was nice enough to show up at my doorstep, early in the campaign.

So I repeat my idea: Pat Dowd for council, ‘cause there’s a chance the other nerds are leaving council.

KingBlitzburgh said...

Agreed that Dowd would be a way better on council. Have you ever tried to watch a council meeting on television? First, Bodack is way off screen so he can pick his nose or whatever, but when he talks I figure a fifth grader could do a better job.
Check this clip of the Dack at the Union Forum earlier this month. The audio kind of sucks...