Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Little did I know ...

Little did I know, when I said that events move fast in the Burgosphere last night, what this afternoon would bring…

Peduto is keeping his campaign office open, and holding a scheduled fund raising event next week. He mentioned running as an independent, more than once in his press conference. He might have an angle, something to get around the Caliguiri rule. Since he was likely to lose the primary, no matter how much dirt came out about Luke, Peduto is not exactly losing anything here. Maybe Peduto thinks that the combination of Republican and Democratic voters in the fall election will work better for him. Maybe there is something coming in an ethics investigation.

A certain loss in the primary versus a chance at some sneaky way to run as an independent in the fall. Can’t say as I blame Bill. Couldn’t blame Bill for turning his back, at least temporarily, on the local democratic party, after their spectacular lack of support at the endorsement meeting.

Well, maybe Bill can get some local filmmaker to help him make a film about these issues he really cares about. Maybe “An Inconvenient Budget”.

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