Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are you better off than when that do-nothing Bob O'Connor was Mayor?

The bag of Health and Politics wants bloggers to start writing pro-DeSantis posts, instead of anti-Ravenstahl ones. See, the thing is that Mark doesn’t give us new material everyday, while Luke generally does. And Luke’s material generally leads me in a negative direction.

Maybe because I don’t like incumbents who brag the Mayor’s statement/question during the PG forum about being better off than we were 13 months ago annoyed me. I know it is the sort of thing an incumbent has to say, but it bothers me on a visceral level. Maybe I just don’t like incumbents. The Mayor also recently said something about reaching out to people more than any other recent Mayor (I know, I’m not even going back through my own posts to get the exact quote, I only have a minute here). My point is that the Mayor is not thinking about what he is saying, he is just mouthing political phrases. If he were thinking, he would realize he is disparaging Bob O’Connor, his immediate predecessor of 13 months ago. I wish the press would pick up on that. By the way, this was most recently mentioned by Jason Phillips on the Comet, previously on Chad Hermann's TWM.

The Mayor could say something like "Are you better off now than you were 23 months ago, when Bob O'Connor came into office and I now continue his work?" or "I reach out to more people than any other Mayor in recent history, besides Bob O'Connor, of course". No politician likes to share the limelight, but the (interim) Mayor is comparing himself to others, and saying all others fall short. Bob O'Connor can't hurt Ravenstahl politically, unless Ravenstahl says something negative about O'Connor.

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Char said...

You are absolutely correct in your observation, Ed. And, yea, I wish someone in the MSM would pick this up too.

I suspect after the Marty Griffin gaffe...... all media will be very careful before we hear another peep out of them.