Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gifts? ...We don't need no gifts ... I don't have to show you any stinking gifts

It's probably just me, and there's no direct quote, but it seems to me that there is an air of wistfulness about our Mayor as he says he was aware of the gifts and Vlasach did not offer him any gifts.


Carol said...

This is a witch hunt and none of you know Mr. Ford at all. If you did, you would be eating your words. I've known him for about 7 years and have nothing but good things to say about him, and NO, I am not involved in a business situation with him, I'm just a friend who knows this man and his heart.

EdHeath said...

Well, I don't know Mr Ford or Ms Sirk at all. This particular post was a comment (probably silly) on Mayor Ravenstahl. I have addressed Mr. Ford’s public behavior in past posts.

I don't know but could easily believe that Mr. Ford is a fine person in private. His public behavior, as reported in the media, has been less than exemplary with regard to the administration of the public’s trust. Which is to say I think he has not shown the proper regard for the rules and procedures that an appointed public official should. I personally think he might do quite well, or at least better, on the other side of the table, as someone working with the government in real estate development. He could still have a vision of how the city should develop, and work with a bureaucrat to realize that vision. But his documented ignoring of a legal opinion, his refusal to declare and document gifts when they were given to him and his willingness to skirt the rules at the very moment when unusual circumstances demanded more attention be focused on the billboard, all of these things indicate he does not have the temperament to be an appointed public official. It may be that no private company will want him either, but if he has a minder who makes sure his SOX obligations are maintained, that might be sufficient.