Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural address:

I didn’t hear it, (the streaming video on my work PC at noon was fitful), I printed it out and skimmed the text online. I suspect it will be held up as one of the great speeches of the modern era, but in any event I was impressed with what I read and how it was written. It captured much of how I feel about things, although not the kind of indigestible moral ambiguity that I think exists in reality. So, for example, when Obama said that we should not give up our ideals for expedience’s sake, well, we always have in the past. But Obama wants to lift our eyes, to a higher vision. Fair enough, I would be disappointed if he didn’t. And much of the rest of the address was spot on, in my opinion.

Now, if he hasn’t changed and fixed everything by next Wednesday, throw the bum out.


Lady Elaine said...


What happen to giving him 100 days?

Matt H said...

Great speech!

The 100 days thing is crap and should not be used as a gauge.