Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Less room for debate

So how to address this? KDKA postpones a Mayoral debate, on it’s own (apparently) over the logistics of running a debate when they have had so much coverage of the shooting now over a week ago, and the events that followed. KDKA also apparently questioned the appropriateness of having a debate so soon after the shooting.

Strikes me as lousy reasoning, although if they say it’s so you kind of have no choice but to believe them. But what is especially annoying is that the Mayor is using that as an excuse to get out of one of the three debates. No time for a rescheduled debate, according to the Mayor’s office. Meanwhile, in responding to Pat Dowd’s complaint about the Mayor’s office cancelling his participation in the taped debate, the Mayor states he was the first to propose debates and to offer a schedule. That makes this another ironic situation.

Now, I suspect it violates some kind of campaign laws, but doesn’t the City have it’s own video cameras, facilities for editing and it’s own cable channel. So the debates could be aired, with questions posed to all three candidates from whomever, the media, the general public or bloggers, it hardly matters.

Of course my suggestion won’t be acted upon.

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