Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Palin's experience?

One of the interesting things about last year’s campaign was the talk about experience, particularly between the Republican convention and the debates. We went back and forth about how experienced McCain is versus how smart we think Obama is. Then there was the nuttiness of Biden versus the seemingly greater nuttiness of Palin (plus her lack of foreign policy experience). But one theme that cropped up some which could not be denied was that of the four of them, only Palin had executive experience, as Governor of Alaska.

Then we had the debates and McCain turned into a guy who wandered the stage, looking (as someone put it) like a guy getting up to get a beer. And that’s probably what decided the election. But Palin remained a force in the background, partly because of her populist appeal and partly because her being a governor gave her that executive experience.

But now Palin has stepped down from her job. Apparently only she knows why she did that. There’s lots of possible reasons and conjecture, because of personal bills, a coming scandal, she doesn’t find the job fun anymore. But she isn’t saying, and her fairly incoherent speeches fail to really explain.

She is apparently going to write a book (which I have to admit I want to read to see who wins the editing battle, her or someone who, you know, speaks the English language). I heard, just once, that she might get a radio show. She certainly will descend from Alaska to give speeches around the country. She may be the go to girl for incoherent comments on events and policies. She will not fade from view, her supporters will likely get even more Palin.

But here’s the thing, the experience factor is gone. You may support her for her views, but now anytime someone says Palin has executive experience, the response will be, yeah but if elected would she serve all four years?

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