Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back just to rag on Kelly

We all thought that the spill in Gulf is so big we would be talking about it for the next three months or more. But it turns out that even blaming Obama for not fixing the spill can get a little old. I guess maybe we are relieved to find out we are messing up in Afghanistan, giving a whole new way to blame Obama. Hence Jack Kelly's latest column "The Problem is Obama". Actually, the title seems like a cheap shot, although the body of the column is relatively balanced. Kelly takes a cheap shot or too about Obama's ego and how Obama is not Lincoln or Roosevelt, although I have to say that Obama did not say, as a candidate, that he wanted to be a wartime President. I will also say that anyone who gets elected President would not be human if they did not have a fairly large ego.

Yes, what's done is done, but I think it is still somewhat fair to say that the other party had eight years to do something, and did not. George W Bush not only did not get Osama bin Laden (remember him?), but chose to invade Iraq after having invaded in Afghanistan in 2003 (by the way, I am still not hearing bin Laden's name in the media). The Soviets were not able to "pacify" the Afghans in the 80's, when they were able to concentrate on it exclusively. Personally I think the Soviets had problems in how they expected the Afghans to become good Communists. However, we have had problems in the past trying to make the Vietnamese into a good democrats and republicans. Now we may be having the same problem in Afghanistan. Maybe we get the United Nations to give Afghanistan a special status, and have the local regions be give a large scale local autonomy and sovereignty. Honestly, I don't know, except to say I am loath to lay blame entirely on Obama. But you would hope that this smart guy will do better with this in the future.


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