Monday, September 20, 2010

What was she thinking ...

So I sure no one wants to see anything more about Christine O'Donnell, but I do find it interesting. In the nineties she was on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" apparently like twenty times(??!!). Maher released a clip where she talked about dating a witch (or wiccan?), and having a little picnic on some kind of alter that had blood on it (Maher is threatening to release more of 'em) ...

I know that nobody actually "vets" candidates in the sense that someone could tell a Christine O'Donnell not to run. Although I bet a number of people may wish they could have done.

I am curious to see if more of these old "Politically Correct" leak out.

By the way, to totally change direction, so now, nine years after 9/11, we are suddenly concerned that Muslims are taking over the country? How frickin' transparent are we?


Richmond K. Turner said...

O'Donnell was in her early 20's when she was on "Politically Incorrect", and was referring to events that had taken place even earlier. I would hate to be hoisted on the petards that I had raised up during those periods in my life, and I think nearly all of us would be. What she said 15 years ago, about some (let's face it, pretty damn harmless) events 20 years ago, is irrelevant.

It's not like she killed anybody back then. Or even did something as irresponsible as drunk driving.

If it's forgivable for Ted Kennedy to have gotten drunk and killed someone when he was 37 years old, and if he was clearly qualified to be in the U.S. Senate even after that horrific mistake by a grown man, how on earth is O'Donnell disqualified by some harmless things that she did and said when she was in and just barely out of her teens?

EdHeath said...

Hey, long time no see, although maybe I have just been in the wrong places.

Well, first I have to say I think many of us hold politicians to a different, if not higher, standard, whether that is fair or not. People are pursuing Obama for rumors about where he was born, something he absolutely had no control over. I wasn't trying to say I thought O'Donnell shouldn't run, particularly as she belongs to a party other than the one I am registered in, and is running in a different state. But my saying that may be splitting hairs, since I did bring up the witchcraft thing.

Although I would say Ted Kennedy got someone killed, as opposed to deliberately killing someone, the example is relevant. But let's face it, regardless of the fairness or justice, the Kennedy's were (and to some extent still are) different. But my main point was a sort of practical one. I have seen people praise O'Donnell for her ideological purity, and then something like this comes out, which makes her seem like a joke. O'Donnell chooses to embrace the conservative moral approach, as opposed to many if not most Democrats, who take that "help the poor approach". She chose the playbook, shouldn't she accept the consequences?

You may disagree with the way I split the hairs, and you may have pretty good justifications for disagreeing.