Sunday, June 19, 2011

Palin as victim ...

I am not much of a fan of conspiracy theories. I mean, I acknowledge the things that are, like that Congressional rooming house run by a conservative christian group (mentioned on 2PJ) and this "The American Legislative Exchange Council" (also mentioned on 2PJ). But I don't see these things as larger or more organized than they are.

I do not think that Jack Kelly says that there is a vast left wing conspiracy against Sarah Palin. However, I can't help but think that Kelly wouldn't mind if you connected dots and drew that conclusion. Translation: Jack Kelly hopes you are stupid.

Meanwhile, Kelly treats the notion that Palin was a reformer (of sorts) who took on members of her own party and oil companies as news to us (because of the recent release of Palin emails from her term as governor). I remember reading about these things back in 2008 when she was chosen as John McCain's running mate. I also remember reading she made some clumsy moves in her various jobs in Alaskan government, things like inquiring about possibly removing books from the Wasilla library and conducting investigations not only into other Republicans but also into subordinates (when she didn't simply fire subordinates). Sarah Palin was largely a popular governor, she was capable enough to take a state that has incredible advantages and do a decent job as governor.

At the same time, it was Sarah Palin who did the Katie Couric interview. Now, I will admit, I am not sure how it would have played if Palin has said she reads very few national magazines and newspapers (although if she had said she is very busy as the governor of Alaska, people (independents) might understood and forgiven her that). But Palin chose to tough out the interview, and ended up pretty obviously painting herself into a corner. Palin was the one who resigned the governorship (with an incoherent speech), and has made all the comments and tweets. In point of fact, Palin's mis-statements might well serve a purpose, fitting into the Tea Party anti-intellectual theme (as expressed in their declaration of whatever). Interestingly, Kelly plays it cleverly, describing Palin as damaged by the negative press. He suggests that it will come out (because of these emails) that Palin is so much more competent than she is made out to be, and that her "adversaries in journalism" will be shown to be partisan. Kelly casts Palin as the underdog, in fact explicitly bringing up Reagan at the end of his column. Thus if Palin does not get the nomination or chooses not to run, the media can be blamed for it. But if she wins, it will be another case of the superiority of conservatism.

It doesn't hurt that Palin was the original darling of the Tea Party.

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