Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kelly's whine about scandals ...

So Jack Kelly starts this week's column with the suggestion that Barack Obama has had more scandals than any other President in our history ... one more than two, or ... three. He also suggests that the main stream media (other than Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin (and their ilk) and the various Breitbart sites) ignores Obama scandals. So I couldn't have seen seen stories on Solyndra or Gunwalker on Yahoo news or the New York Times.

But you know, no matter. I am not going to bother disputing Kelly's claims on Solyndra, LightSquared or GunWalker, in part because he doesn't bother to give us details on what actually happened (for example, why did Solyndra go bankrupt). What I find interesting is a) how Kelly looks at scandals and b) what Kelly doesn't include in his scandal list.

I have to say Kelly's concern for human life in his discussion of the GunWalker scandal is admirable (although I might admire it more if I didn't suspect that he is only concerned for American lives). But then I have to wonder, what does Kelly make of the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who died during the Iraqi occupation? Remember, no WMD's were found, there was no link to Al Qaeda until after the occupation started and the Bush administration lied to the American public (cynically playing on our reaction to 9/11) to build support for the war. But Kelly doesn't care about scandals (or dead people) unless a Democrat is involved.

And then there are things Kelly won't write about, such as the government imprisonment of Bradley Manning, the administration's determination to kill an American citizen without due process, the administration's refusal to look at the crimes of the last administration, the administration's persecution of whistle blowers, etc. If you doubt these things exist, take a look at what Glenn Greenwald writes. The problem is that Greenwald is a liberal journalist, therefore his concerns are simply not relevant to Jack Kelly. But that's OK, the reality that counts is the reality Jack Kelly sees.

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