Sunday, November 20, 2011

Outrage feigned ....

Paul Krugman was on ABC's "This Week" (with Christiane Aman-purr - a Colbert joke), so I watched that "This Week". The round table conversation started with a discussion of what Rahm Emmanuel said about the Republican candidates in a previous interview. Peggy Noonen, before Krugman even got a comment in, started with a statement that this showed us what the Democratic strategy is, this is going to be a demolition derby on the part of the Democrats, in which they simply try to tear the other guy down (I paraphrase).

Excuse me, what have the Republicans been doing since mid summer of 2008, and every day since?

Personally, I think Noonen's comment is fairly typical, especially when some pundit or reporter shows a hint of fairness and talks about Republican intransigence on economics or science.