Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Krugman is back

Krugman is back, and renders an opinion.


Winding down said...

The demo senate will not approve anything Ryan advocates. Chill ... all will will be reset in Nov...

Comments on Krugman post reflect typical NYT drivel.
Bet the posters are all in the 5% demographic and carry great guilt for the unfairness of life that gave them so much and others so little. Btw govmint cannot make it fair.

Winding down said... teach at the college level?

Bring your keen analytical,powers to this article

Winding down said...

Obamacare/College loan debt= Dutch tulip bubble

We are close the edge of the cliff...the Aussies and Canadians see it and are getting some distance from us

Winding down said...

Ignore him and he will go away