Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kelly disses student loans

Jack Kelly's column today is kind of interesting. He is making a case for part of the cuts that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are advocating. You may remember that at a fund raiser Romney said he would cut all of the education department except the part that collects outstanding student loans. This is a classic dog whistle column masquerading as a "reasonable" criticism of modern education. Make no mistake, agreeing with this column is agreeing that unless your parents make over a million a year or you score in the 98th percentile on your SAT's, you are only going to a for profit trade school or community college. No Harvard for you!


EdHeath said...

SOmeone asked if it is possible for a student with bad credit to get a student loan. To which I say,, I dunno. But since her comment was almost certainly a Trojan, I deleted it.

Nine-El said...

Do you train/educate students at the post high school level?
Are they going into debt for training that does not result in a decent job? Sham