Sunday, May 24, 2009

KD/PG follies

Sometimes the KD/PG edition is really worth seeing. I don’t know how to find out who’s going to be on, I supposed I should just ask someone at KDKA. Today for the first segment there was a red faced Mayor Ravenstahl, for the second Bill Peduto and Natalia Rudiak were the guests.

I don’t know if the Mayor was red-faced because he was out in the sun (maybe the day the Steelers went to the White House?), or for another reason. Regardless, he appeared to get redder as Stacey Smtih (KDKA’s sacrificial lamb) asked the Mayor about Pat Dowd. First the Mayor said he thinks Dowd owes him an apology since Dowd “all but” called him a crook and his administration corrupt, but the Mayor said he is looking forward to sitting down and talking to Dowd. When asked whether he had ever returned Dowd’s attempted calls to concede to him, the Mayor quickly said no but he was looking forward to sitting down etc etc, and the Mayor got redder. But the Mayor did speak eagerly about the new taxes he wanted to enact, and bitterly about how the local State legislature delegation has snubbed him so far.

Meanwhile, Bill Peduto, who seems to settled into a longer game, had a more relaxed view the new five year plan. Peduto talked about the old council, when he was an aide to Dan Cohen, that used to debate issues. Now Peduto thinks that a percentage based, more progressive EMS/commuter tax would be more fair. Rudiak, to her credit, did not declare allegiances to any side, saying she would talk to anyone interested about getting businesses to her district.

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