Thursday, April 08, 2010

And then he delayed posting again ...

"Where is your Barack the magic negro post" you grumble, peeved. Well, I have two conundrums that are wrapped up together. First, you may remember the Coffee Party ("oh not that again, geez, give it a rest). Well, I kinda wish I could give it a rest but I done went and did a dumb thing. Someone suggested me, and I in my hubris agreed to accept, an interim post as "point person" betwixt the national coffee party team and the local groups. This means I would tell the local groups what the national team is thinking, and I would tell national how the local groups are doing. So just as taxes are ending, I should get busy with the Coffee Party. I was thinking seriously about going on blogging hiatus, as so many other local bloggers have done or do. On the other hand, I am so lackadaisical at posting, how could you tell?

Plus for me there was/is a question of whether there might be a conflict of interest, which is to say whether what I post on the Coffee Party Facebook page or post here might be seen as representing the opinions of the national Coffee Party (yeah, I do have a pompous streak like that). But then I thought, fuck it. Or fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. Or words to that effect. I'm not a supreme court justice or even a district court magistrate. So I should be able to say what I think, as long as I don't go off in too outrageous a direction. Except I don't have time right this second.

I will do that magic negro post, but I am not sure when. It came from a column that I believe was in the LA Times, if you want to look yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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