Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jack's latest effort.

So last week I had ignored Jack Kelly's column. It did continue the new bizarre tradition of the Republican schizophrenia about what to think about Democrats taxing people. I mean, I guess Democrats are the prototypical tax and spend liberals, but then John McCain had suggested ending the tax benefit of excluding the cost of one's health insurance on one's taxes. And of course the Republicans complained about how Democrats had no way to pay for "Obamacare". But Kelly thought it was great sport to note how Henry Waxman hadn't read "Obamacare" and was thus showing how dumb Democrats are.

So perhaps Kelly has a point, but actually I didn't care that much. All I really took away is that the Health Care thing is actually pretty complicated, and I am OK with that.

But today's column, which is to say tomorrow's, is sort of different. Jon Stewart's Daily Show had a segment this past week about how similar Reagan's START reductions are to Obama's (each about a third, and Reagan talking about how wonderful it will be when no one has nukes).

Kelly goes on an interesting rant about how the Russians are a pathetic shadow of their formers selves. The economy and military are shot; the only thing they have left is their nuclear arsenal, which rather than allow to be bargained away by Obama, they will use on the America that Obama has left defenseless. Or we will be unable to resist the Iranians/Koreans, because our few remaining aging nukes that Obama does not want to allow to be replaced will fizzle if we try to use them against the enemies (or dupes of our enemies; our frenemies?) that surround us that might decide to attack us with fresh nukes and better technology (presumably the enemies, except England might not have forgotten that whole losing the colony thing). Or biological weapons, which according to Jon Stewart is one of the exception under which we can use nukes to retaliate, but according to Kelly is a huge loophole for our enemies. Amazingly, Kelly ends by actually taking a quote from Ahmadinejad (Iran's President) criticizing Obama's experience. We want to take seriously the world view of a man who denies the holocaust? But that is Jack Kelly for you.

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