Thursday, February 02, 2012

Some stuff

So apparently the ground hog saw his shadow this morning. Six more weeks of winter. These days I think that means six more weeks of mid forties and rain.

Welcome to global warming. Actually, we are not suppose to conflate climate and weather; climate change is the world being a couple degrees warmer, weather is us at 45 degrees and Europe in a deep freeze. Which actually could be related to climate ...

By the way, I hope that "ground hog" refers to a critter close to the ground, not a chopped up pig.

Toyota has finally figured out the formula to making hybrids stupidly enormously popular; shrink it and price it under 20 grand. Actually, Honda has already done that with the second generation Insight, but the Insight gets mild hybrid Honda mileage (41 mpg combined according to the EPA). The small Prius is supposed to get Prius mileage (50 mpg combined per the EPA).

You just won't be able to buy it. Argh.

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