Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kelly's sorry (we chose the wrong man) ...

This is a straight copy of what I posted to the PG comment section about today's Jack Kelly column "Eating crow, expecting trouble (I was wrong about the election; now I fear for the future)".

Well, it's nice that Jack Kelly is admitting he was wrong in his predictions of a Romney victory. He admits that he read the politics wrong. Of course, Kelly only goes so far. He gives no credit to Obama for turning another Great Depression around. He thinks that the (admittedly surprising) new Democratic coalition of voters could be easily split if the Republicans advance a Hispanic candidate. Now, we all remember how the Republicans screamed about Obama's lack of experience in 2008, yet Kelly simply insults all of America by suggesting candidates with no national experience at all.

It is already looking like Republicans will continue their practice of total intransigence in Congress. If we do drop into another recession, it will be clear who is to blame (hint - not George Bush). And Kelly's parting shot at "the gravy train" is beyond insulting, but of course neither Kelly nor the PG will apologize for that.

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