Sunday, December 02, 2012

This is a copy of the comment I made on Jack Kelly's column today: "Freedom spawns prosperity (Economic growth depends on freeing our natural creativity)".

There are two significant lines in this column, in my opinion. "Most of us have difficulty seeing beyond the here and now" That is clearly the case for Jack Kelly. He sees an economic downturn and declares the growth of GNP dead. Actually, Kelly sees a black Democrat in the White House and calls the current government "overbearing". This despite the fact that someone with such unimpeachable conservative credentials as Bruce Bartlett calls Obama a centrist or even center right politician.

Which brings me to the other significant line in this column: "If Americans become again as free as once they were to pursue their dreams, economic growth will resume, probably greater than ever before.". American enjoy the lowest ax rates in at least thirty years, and really probably since income taxes began. Yes, there are safety rules for workers and rules for what companies can do to the environment, but is Jack Kelly really saying that workers have to work 60 hour work weeks, be maimed or killed at work and the rest of us be poisoned by corporate waste and pollution in order for people to invent things?

Jack Kelly truly is delusional at this point.

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