Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kelly plays a card

This is a copy of a comment I made on the PG on Jack Kelly's column today "Racist Liberals".

What should we take away from this column? Jack Kelly praises Tim Scott and some successful NFL players. Mr Kelly does not express affection or concern for any persons of color who are not Republicans, and it is interesting that the only Black Republicans he does show an interest in are wealthy ones. Considering Mitt Romney's statement about the "47%" and repeated and insistent calls for an end to food stamps, Medicaid and unemployment compensation, what jack Kelly seems to really being saying is that any wealthy blacks who want to be Republicans are welcome, as long as they are willing to act to make all low income people (including a disproportionate share of persons of color) poorer.

Time after time when anyone raises the issue of treating Barack Obama differently or suggests attacks on the meager food stamps program, unemployment compensation and Medicaid are attacks on people of color, they are accused of "playing the race card". Yet it is fine for Jack Kelly to point to the maybe ten persons of color he can identify as Republicans and then screech that liberals are racist and "What does it say about liberals that so many think only losers and whiners can be authentically black?" ?

No one says Tim Scott is not black. He has joined a party that is attempting to find ways to not only protect the wealth of the uber rich, but actually increase by ending assistance to the poor and force the poor to have "skin in the game" and end all tax credits and deductions for the poor so they pay taxes not matter how small their income. Of course, when I say end all tax credits and deductions I don't mean the tax loopholes the rich use. Republican calls for fairness in the tax system are hypocrisy of the highest level.

And by the way I find it interesting that Jack Kelly has so far dodged the issue of gun control in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.

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