Monday, July 24, 2006

I guess need to occasionally blog, not just comment on other people's blogs, I guess. It's fun for me to say things I think up, but lots of fun to point out other people's mistakes too. This post stared on 7/24, I am editing it on 7/31.

The Israeli-Hezbollah (Sp?) thing is interesting in this post 9/11 world. Of course liberals are saying Bush is mishandling it, but only because he can't evacuate Americans. People (Americans) largely seem content for the administitration to let the Israeli's persue their campaign without negative comment. Well, when I say "let", I mean we used to agitate for an immediate cease fire in past situations. Now, I realize a lot of the parties in the middle east are frozen by their ideological positions and their constituencies, for example the Israelis need to move Hezbollah missiles out of southern Lebanon. The thing is, if we support the Israeli’s publicly, then we imply that Arab lives are maybe less important than Israeli. If we call for an immediate cease fire, we are taking the moral high ground. But instead we are supporting going after terrorists. I think a mistake in the long run.

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