Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 asides

Two sort of ill formed ideas … First, in Maureen Dowd’s column yesterday she expressed amazement (at length) at the report that Bush was reading Camus. It does seem strange, but I will say that I can’t help but think of the reports that our relations with France are quite good right now. France of course has good relations with several Middle Eastern countries, and is part of the lead in facilitating the end to this Lebanon thing. Actually, it seems like both France and Britain are working in a quite practical manner on the problems surrounding terror, oil and the Middle East. Fairly promising actually.

I think we will have trouble getting Germany too involved with us, after the President’s inappropriate contact with their Prime Minister (it's probably all she can do to hold back her fellow valkyrie’s; heh).

The other thing: There are some comedic devices I really like. One is Mystery Science Theatre editorializing puppets (and human). I realize they watch a movie ahead of time, but boy, I wish I was that clever. But my latest favorite device is on the Colbert Report, the “bullet point” that is the scene stealer of “The Word”. Bullet point is the perfect smart aleck, liberal foil to Colbert’s pseudo conservative. I would love to have a bullet point going, where you can shoot off the asides without breaking stride. I have also used parenthesis that way, and lately I am getting worse. Maybe it’s something I will grow out of …(or drift away from) (d’oh, a parenthesis) (another thing I do, in person : d’oh!) …

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