Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One more thing ...

The site of Hezbollah claiming victory reminds me of where this is going to go, eventually, assuming no terrorists get a nuke and kill a lot of Israelis and Palestinians. Victory? Not for the Lebanese. I mean, how can Israel not fight back if rockets are falling on them? Hezbollah brought this on the Lebanese people, and eventually the people will figure that out, and ask Hezbollah to stop. The Palestinians have already gotten close to this point. As I pointed out earlier, Hamas was poised to sign an agreement with Israel when spoilers stepped in. It makes perfect sense, it is a “Only Nixon could go to China” approach. If Hamas, among the worst of the worst terror groups, makes, well not peace but non-war with Israel like Nixon did with China, it must be a good agreement. Instant legitimacy. Part of the reason Hamas wanted to get elected and why people wanted to elect Hamas. It should happen some time, maybe soon, but I am feeling a sense of inevitability as the people of the middle east, tried of the silliness and death, urge their leaders toward rationality, mostly in spite of our “help”.

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