Thursday, August 10, 2006

Israel and Hezbollah

This bit was going to be at the bottom of my previous post, but that was too much at one time.

SO our situation vis a vis the generic terrorists has taken on a eerie parallel with Israel’s vis a vis Hezbollah’s. We face an inscrutable enemy, whose motivations we do not understand and whose (largely unstated) demands we can not meet, even if we were inclined to negotiate. So we have to hunt down the terrorists, whose ability to intermingle with innocents leaves us with a real chance of causing “collateral” damage. Ditto (of course) everything for Israel.
Israel simply can’t stand by and let Hezbollah launch random rockets at them, even if the risk of mortality per rocket is low. But Hezbollah do not wear uniforms, so the Israelis are getting Lebanese too.
Does anyone remember that before the kidnapping of the Israeli solider in the Gaza, the Palestinian government, essentially the Gaza part of Hamas, was going to sign an agreement with Israel about the peace process. This signing would have been pretty significant because it would have amounted to Hamas acknowledging Israel as a State, and close to Israel’s right to exist. The Israeli and the Palestinian people are tired, and want peace. But they still have buttons, and the Syrian part of Hamas apparently ordered the kidnapping. Spoilers. Then Hezbollah stepped in. But at some point I expect there to be peace in the middle east, the citizens are demanding it.
Meanwhile, on our front, at some point we are going to start profiling. I wonder how much the CIA and NSA were in on the British thing. After all, we could conduct warrant-less searches on English soil, and then leave the information on the desk while we went down the hall…

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