Monday, January 22, 2007

Mayor Luke and, seperately, health care

Just some things, freehand, off the top of my head. First, I just read a comparison between Clinton and Mayor Luke (from the “People’s Republic of Pittsburgh”?). Good comparison; what was her name, Linda Tripp? There’s always a Linda Tripp. There probably don’t get what they want out of snitching, but the point is they do. Mayor Luke has had two controversies in a few weeks, between the McNeilly/Reagan thing and now the stadium incident. In both situations the most important thing is that Mayor Luke has shown poor judgment and political skills. It is stating the obvious that he is young, but there it is. I caught him on Delano’s Business report Sunday morning, and he is just not that impressive a speaker, at least off the cuff. The fact that he is in fact college educated just shows how little a BA is worth today.

Apparently Bush’s Saturday radio broadcast called for health care/insurance reform. It is being seen as a precursor of the State of the Union. It sounds like Bush wants to go further down the road of people using HSA’s as their health care./insurance mechanism. What’s new is that, incredibly, Bush complained about people who opt into better health insurance plans. He called them “gold plated” and wants to tax high end plans. Well, all this is what Krugman said in his column today, I am making the assumption that it is true. More later…

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