Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pat Dowd part deux

Must ... resist ... urge ... to ... start ... post ... with ... "So". (should resist urge to be Shatnerian)
errrr, I have to say the Dowd campaign got back to me in an actually fairly timely fashion. And Yahoo promptly dumped their emails into my spam folder (they call it bulk mail, as if I should avoid internet launched packages ...). Yahoo also dumped the work schedule for the part time tax job into the bulk folder. Of course, I missed all those messages for several days. Well, I just need to be vigilant with the spam folder. Dowd’s campaign manager had read my blog post (Google?), and suggested I call if I had other ideas (call? not email? but email never has problems). Nah, those ideas I put in my last post were pretty much it. If I can’t think on a big scale, I tend to get bored and unfocused. But she said they want to be an idea’s campaign, and I think that’s a great thing. Definitely a way to distinguish themselves from Mr. Bodack and the traditional democratic infrastructure. Might dovetail with the upcoming Peduto campaign, but doesn’t have to.

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