Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So I am still not posting as much as I should. Stirring up trouble on other people’s blogs is frankly so much more fun …

I seem to annoy people when I say I haven’t researched an issue. Maybe I should just pretend to be an expert, but I am trying not too. I still believe that my opinions are somewhat informed, but I should say too my own standards for research are somewhat high. I don’t really want to accept something just because a liberal or conservative website says it’s true. I am willing to discuss anything, however, from a single source website. Just as an aside, I am still impressed with wikipedia as a source of information. It is fun to read the debates about content presented.

So I have just a little thought to follow. I will start by saying that I believe the President really values loyalty, to the point where it blinds him. How else to understand the lack of reconstruction progress in Iraq? I mean, seriously, how could a President let that go for so long? I don’t buy this Bush is an idiot stuff, no one goes through Yale and Harvard Business School as a total idiot. I’m sure his father’s name got him in and may have bought him some slack, just enough for him to question his own abilities, but still Dubbya actually has to have a bit going on upstairs. But I think a lot of the contractors in Iraq are friends or donors, or friends of donors. So we have this vast plundering of government money.

But we have seen the President turn on those who he feels are disloyal (mostly those who question him in public). I am thinking particularly of O’Neill and Powell. But, here’s what I am wondering about now. If the President dumps people who are disloyal, how will he react to the public now disapproving of his conduct of the war and of other public policies? I guess maybe he will be even more helpful to his wealthy supporters, at the expense of the general public. Minimum wage? Maybe not. Tax reform headed the other direction (a different definition of reform)? Better find a two thirds majority.

Just a predication, that the last two years of the Bush White House will resemble a wagon train with the wagons circled.

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