Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Clowns on bikes music

I want to try to do the thing that I have thought about for some time. After all, we are only as small as our dreams, and mine is small. If I am not so tired tomorrow morning, I want to take my folding bike on the bus. Remember, I am in the East End, where the buses are crowded. And the folding bike is probably not good for more than a couple of miles before getting to be a drag. But I want to try. Maybe I will never do it again, maybe it is a dilettante thing, do a thing once to prove it is possible then never bother again.

Well, I figure I have to get up on time and exercise immediately to get out the door early, to get a less crowded bus. So I need to cut this short. If I do it, I’ll let you know. And yeah, it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

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