Thursday, April 26, 2007


The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat has written about a malaise settling in around the Burghoshpere, and obviously I’m as guilty as the next blogger. Besides the reasons he listed (minus the computer issues, I’m always tinkering with mine), I think the fallout from the Mayoral primary has taken the wind out of many sails.

Speaking of malaise (for me), I continue my monologue on the state of my commute. Today I have a dinner in Oakland, so I drove. I am getting up early enough, but still poorly motivated to try the folding ride (it was cold this morning, and supposed to b e rainy later). Maybe tomorrow.

You would think the Burghosphere would get reved up about the new (back to the future) Places Rated Almanac ( Twenty two years ago they rated us “America’s Most Livable City”. Like most flukes (sports teams, Sony plants) it didn’t last, and probably hurt the book itself. No longer published by Rand McNally, in fact now self-published by the author, the book has once again rated us the most livable city. Apparently, of the seven or nine factors used to measure cities, we didn’t score in the top twenty in any, and as low as 111 in housing and 135 in climate; never the less we came in number one. So you can stop wondering what Ravenstahl did with his left over campaign funds (hey, its only natural the city would buy a few thousand books for the “Luke Ravenstahl Visitor Center”, housed in the olde Garden Theatre on the near North Side, even if we did place the order before the number one city was chosen).

Well, ok, I have no proof of that (in fact, I am making the visitor center shtick and campaign fund part up), but how else do you explain this rating?

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