Friday, June 22, 2007

Copy right rules or standards of good taste?

Not being a novelty blog, like the Carbolic Smoke Ball, I don't usually use pictures in my blog. But I have been struck (repeatedly - heh) by how George Specter and the entire city law department reminds me of Ted Buckland, the lawyer from Scubs. I believe using images in the service of satire does not violate copyright or libel laws, although some might argue this is a perfectly nice 72 year old man, who should be enjoying a retirement instead of working 330 day as an acting solictor. Still, the man says things like (and I paraphrase) the Mayor can ask for the resignations of Executive Directors of Authorities, but since they have Boards of Directors, Mr. Specter is not sure what happens if they refuse to resign. Now, I did read the Board Chair's idd ask their Executive Directors to do as the Mayor asked, but I still just hear Ted's whine every time I read something Specter says. It may be a personal problem.

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