Monday, June 25, 2007

Report Card?

So the Post-Gazette published a report card for the Mayor, based on their understanding of his goals, and their assessment of how far he has gotten on those goals (, Thanks to the Pgh Comet). My take on the goals and grades might be different. For example, the PG (Rich Lord) gave the Mayor a “B” for requesting the resignations of his directors. I don’t know why, though I guess if this is a recent goal the mayor has made progress on it.

They gave the Mayor a few “A”s, including one for buying back the liens on tax delinquent properties, and then turning around 150 of them for rehab through neighborhood development groups. Well and good, except that I think the buy back was maybe a thousand properties. I’m sure 15% of those bought back were attractive enough to turn around quickly (i.e., since December). The other 85% may not be so easy. But the Mayor gets a pass and an “A”. By the way, he gets a “C” because only 72 of a 1000 new downtown units are affordable. At least the thousand units could go on the tax rolls. Except for that abatement….

Nothing on the report card about transit. Yeah, PAT is a county agency, but it is the city that uses it, counting commuters in to work in town.

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Maria said...

I love how they gave him an A for keeping the Pens when from what I've heard, Luke had NOTHING to do with it and was asked to leave the room towards the end of the negotiations.