Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Funny little Mayor ...

Apologies for my delay in posting. Probably I had nothing interesting to write, but since that never stopped me before (rim shot) I will say I was out of town over the weekend (as per my comment) and we got a call 1:00 am Sunday morning, my mother in law had to go to the ER at Shadyside (she’s OK). So I am tired and trying to catch up. (Poor me)

Of course, last Thursday was quite interesting, storms and flooding and all. Matt H has posted a complaint about how Mr. DeSantis viewed Mayor Ravenstahl’s performance on Thursday. Fair enough, the Mayor was in the Emergency Operations Centre from 3:00 to midnight (well, they spell it Centre in civilized countries), according to Matt and I believe him, that is consistent with everything I’ve heard. Here’s another question, though. What was the Mayor doing on the Southside in the first place? This is the second time something like this has happened. First the Mayor somehow got wind that Tiger Woods was coming to practice in Oakmont, apparently that morning. What, did he get a call from the airport? Does he have sources at Oakmont? Then, he hears Steelers practice was moved from Latrobe to the Southside. OK, I think I knew that one at some point myself, because I saw it on the PG website. But, again, how does the Mayor find out? Is he reading the PG website, or has people do it for him? Plus, he acted on the news of the move, left his office and went to the Southside. Even if he had no meetings (because he had covered them at the Mario event when he was meeting with the Pens and UPMC – heh), does he have no work to do? Or does he do that at 2:00 am, when he is giving his night shift police bodyguard so much over time.

Ok, some of that is unfair, but its all stuff that has appeared in the PG. This Mayor seems to be looking for things to do besides his job, and that may eventually raise questions.

I haven't even said anything about the Weed and Seed issue. Mary Beth Buchanan. Don't get her angry ...

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