Friday, August 03, 2007

I thought we were done with this, but I should have known better ...

Matt H (, ever diligent, noted that the Mayor's office did report out the amount that the Mayor plans to tell the Ethics Board about the what the value of his Mario Lemieux charity tournament play.

Interestingly, the Trib (
has a funny little double entendre, much like Nate Harper's remark about a Mayor that *often* works from 6:00 to 2:00am the next day. Consider this passage from the Trib:

"Joanna Doven, Ravenstahl's spokeswoman, said each round of 18 holes of golf at the prestigious Laurel Valley Golf Club in Ligonier is worth just under $250."


"Each round"?


Weren't there *two* days of golf? So now we are up to $500?

Maybe not.

Meanwhile, KDKA reported an exact amount: $246.75 ( Just under $250. Which the Mayor's office is treating as a magic number. They mention the City Law Office used IRS reporting rules to figure the value of the golf outing (sound familiar?

I gotta say I never watch local news and never read the Trib, unless I do something with a link. PBS, the PG and the NYTimes for me. Just a diehard liberal, I guess.

But anyway if you look at the back of the city ethics code handbook you will see this passage (

"Q. Can a City employee accept complimentary admission to charitable, civic, political or other public advents?
A. Yes, with limitations. No City official, City employee or agent of the City may accept more than $250.00 per calendar year in the aggregate nor may they accept more than $100.00 per calendar year from any single person, agent or other interested party. (City Code § 197.07)"

Seems clear to me, I wonder what the ethics board will say on August 21st. I mean, Shields and/or Peduto said they thought the amounts for charitable or sporting events, $100 a pop, are low. Probably so, but shouldn't the Ethics Board remind the Mayor of his obligations to actually follow rules, no matter how painful. He should have declined UPMC's offer to attend the Lemieux tourney or at least reported an exception to the rules to the Ethics Board.

I am really curious how August 21st will go. My view of this event seems different than many other people

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