Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One final post before ...

I was just going to let the Ethics Board meet, and do their thing, whatever it was. But then the Trib ran this story (H/T to Bram) and I had to say something. Kate DeSimone, from the city law office, who is supposed to “guide” the Ethics Board, states for the record the board can only ask for an investigation, which would mean they would need an as yet un-hired investigator (who needs a JD, by the way). DiSimone said "It's very unclear to me that they have any ability to sanction anyone at all, from a rookie cop up to the mayor". Way to advocate for the board, Kate.
DiSimone also complained that three members of the board had expressed opinions previously as to whether the Mayor might have violated the ethics rules, and this would hurt their impartiality. She stated (essentially a hint to Ravenstahl): "If I were the mayor's attorney, I would ask for all three of them to be recused," And she said that George Specter had already determined back on July 13th that the Mayor had done nothing unethical. Clearly the city law office is trying to delay any ruling by the Ethics Board until after the election, if not forever. This is blatant politics, clumsy even by this administration’s low standards. But I will just wait, let the Ethics Board meet and do their thing, whatever it is.

Well, being a blogger, all I can ever do is wait and then whine.

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