Thursday, September 20, 2007

A couple of Caveats to "Tales of the Commute"

I was thinking about gas used today by my family. This morning, early, my wife took the younger step daughter’s (Hayley) Chinchilla (Tequila) to the veterinarian to have her teeth filed (Tequila, not Hayley). The vet being in Gibsonia. Then my wife drove to work, to get there at a reasonable hour (she usually takes the bus). My step daughter drove to Gibsonia this afternoon to get Tequila (the chinchilla, not the beverage). They both drive small SUV’s, getting around 22-23 MPG, according to the Fed’s. My wife is driving home after visiting her mom in the assisted living place. Actually, the older step daughter is going too, she usually picks up my wife, but not today. The older step daughter drives (everyday) a three or four year old Honda Civic automatic that probably gets better mileage than my ’97 Hyundai Accent stick.

So at best my biking is something of an offset against these activities.

And I wanted to say that part of my job here is controlling the keys for a CMU building or two. That includes the master building key(s). That is one reason why it is a bad idea for me to make a practice of leaving early. Now there are some other master keys around, but the people who hold them either leave early themselves or are often not in their offices. So biking/bussing all the time would end up involving some long days.

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