Tuesday, September 25, 2007

parking on a 45% rate

Before I start this post, let me say about my previous post, I wonder if Mark DeSantis is thinking to himself some variant of “Wish I’d thought of that” in regard to the Mayor’s proposal to borrow no money next year for capital projects, instead paying for them through revenues. I mean, it may not be feasible, but it sounds like the sort of thing a Republican might propose. Maybe the Mayor got a hold of some DeSantis proposal and got it out before DeSantis could. Heh.

So there is a report in the PG about how Motznik is proposing and the Mayor is supporting a freeze in the parking tax, keeping it at 45%. They both acknowledge that the State Legislature will have to change a law for this to go through. Motznik actually proposes using whatever additional revenue stream to help pay down debt and go into the pension fund (sounds DeSantisian).

Motznik feels this ought to encourage the legislature to vote for the change in the law. The one legislator interviewed, Nike Turzai, claimed the measure has no chance. Perhaps other legislators will see Mr. Motznik's logic, perhaps not. The ICA/Act 47 teams are certainly on notice. It's hard to see how they will look at this. Will they approve the Mayor's budget with a warning?

The funny thing is how the two candidates different proposals are swirling around each. Any PDF's on your economics, gentlemen?

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