Thursday, September 27, 2007


Imagine John C McGinley (Dr Cox of “Scrubs”) making that shrill whistle.

So there’s a plan to get rid of property taxes by sending sales taxes through the roof. And Jim Motznik wants to keep the Parking tax at 45% because those mean parking lot operators won’t lower the cost of parking. And the Mayor didn’t show up for a meeting (who knew the NorthSide was that pissed … besides DeSantis who had his own personal dustup at a campaign announcement).

*shrill whistle*

Let’s pay attention. Micro loans? Three year tax abatement on new companies that locate in Pittsburgh? Merge URA and City Planning? Any of this ringing a bell? We need to focus. Is any of this good? Do you think it might help the city?

The funny thing is that the Mayor is touting his one year’s experience in the Mayor’s office and presumably his three years on council as proof of experience. Now admittedly Mark DeSantis can say he wouldn’t invite people to a meeting and then not show up. But surely DeSantis has a bit of experience himself, at a level with real money.


I got distracted myself. I was just thinking about Boston’s Harbor Point, which the Intern referenced on the Burgh Report . I wonder if they will put a fence around that, whatis, Oak Hill?

Anyway, please pay attention to DeSantis' economic plan, there will be a quiz in November.

That’s it, you can disperse now.

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