Thursday, February 26, 2009

The eternal Luke for Mayor

Matt Hogue was kind enough to show the letter the Mayor sent around to Democratic Committee people asking for their endorsement. At the bottom of the letter he listed his campaign website, so I had to look (of course). It still says copyright 2007. I believe the Mayor (or his staff) is putting some effort into the Mayor's facebook page, or some kind of facebook campaign site, but then why not put that into the endorsement letter, instead of the neglected campaign website. Now, I always thought the Mayor's campaign website at once played to the Mayor's strengths by having streaming video of the Mayor talking about issues and also insulted the intelligence of voters, by having video of the Mayor talking about issues. Which is to say that the Mayor gives no real details about his plans or his accomplishments. Sad to say that plays well with Pittsburghers. Well, you can fall in love all over again with the Mayor like you did two years ago, because as far as I can tell the videos have not been updated (I will feel silly if they have been). The Mayor has a million freakin’ bucks in his campaign war chest and hasn’t updated his web site. I can understand why Pat Dowd hasn’t, he has no money (and it’s not like people are raising money for him over the internet …oh).

Anyway, we can see how seriously candidates take the internet in this town. As an interactive medium, it looks like we still have a ways to go.

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