Sunday, February 01, 2009

Steelers win


What's that line from the Simpsons? "Happy fans will be looting and turning over cars in Pittsburgh tonight?" Well, they use the name of what ever city is in the Super Bowl.


Bram Reichbaum said...

I see some fires. They appear prepared, and contained. Some kids seem to be having fun jumping over them. Most are standing around watching them. I'm guessing fire trucks are slowly making their way around. Rick Earle says despite a few arrests, it looks "pretty orderly" out there.

n'at said...

I saw fans high-fiving and bear-huggin' some of the police on Carson. There was a picture on the mainpage of the post-gazette last night of the dozen or so revelers who mounted a PAT bus in the middle of Carson. I'm kicking myself for not right-click and saving... The marquee on the bus said "GO STEELERS."

EdHeath said...

Channel 4 (or 8 on your cable dial) reported one car turned on its side and one couch burned in Oakland and a couple of windows broken. Sort of a token effort.

Bram Reichbaum said...

100 arrests, they say. It got more than a little hairy in pockets: smashed windows, looting, an attempt or two to flip cars. But it seems like fundamentally everything was in control. A hats off to everyone in town and involved.

EdHeath said...

Hat's off to the car flippers? Apparently they succeeded in several instances.

I think the South Side was in better shape all around than Oakland.

Hat's off to the cops, who were not overly aggressive, but fairly effective.