Thursday, February 19, 2009

trash cans ... with lights?

So Bill Peduto announced a while ago that he was not going to run for Mayor. As did Doug Shields, then he repeated himself (to some fanfare) a little while ago. And Pat Dowd (or someone on his Council campaign) had said he wouldn’t … never mind (I doubt I can find the quote). But Bill has done a couple of small things that made him seem like better Mayoral material. There were the racks for parking meters to clip bikes to, which would have advertising on and so would not cost the City a cent. And of course, a few weeks ago there were the LED street lights he would be getting in for the City. They would be just as bright, whiter than the old street lights, use a fraction of the electricity, and by the way the initial cost would be free. Peduto had found some saps … er, fund, that would give us the money to change all our street lights. And all was happiness and celebration in the city of Pittsburgh (well, that might have had to do with some football game).

Uh, …

The Mayor has just announced the City will accept bids for companies to change all of our street lights.



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