Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are we ready?

I could do another short animation thingie using Dr Dowd’s “administration for sale” text as the script, or the pieces in the PG on the connections between contributions and City/Authority contracts. Once again the media is putting some instances of questionable behavior by the Ravenstahl administration out there for the public’s consideration. TV news reports will be vague and short, and few people will read the newspaper accounts. But they will be there, and they should rattle around the back of people’s minds.

Now, Pat Dowd is not an unknown. I would bet that at least 8 out of 10 voters would recognize his name, but I doubt many could say much about his background or what he stands for. I think it is even money that those who did have something to say about his past would have a negative impression (John Thompson, Schenley). Dr Dowd can claim the reformer mantle, but it may not stick.

So can Dr Dowd knock off the Mayor this time, with a low intensity Anyone But Luke sentiment simmering and a loose claim to a reformer/progressive mantle (with Al Gore … I mean Bill Peduto standing in the wings)? Bram thinks there is (maybe) a grassroots groundswell against Ravenstahl looking for an outlet. I think maybe.

I want to say something about Obama and Geithner (sp?), and the AIG bonuses that are really more income floor payments, but I am out of time and energy. Maybe later.


Bram Reichbaum said...

I just don't meet people that are happy with city government.

I'm not talking about little annoyances, either -- people feel they are being oppressed.

The only questions are whether to what degree the incumbent is associated with that oppression, and to what degree any challenger can be branded as wholesome and honest.

EdHeath said...

I'm meeting a fair number of people right now (as I prepare their taxes) who are annoyed with the City. Few if any have kid words for the City government. My sample could be skewed in that the VITA site where I work serves a low income population.

But I have heard no one speak in favor of Pat Dowd either. The media is starting to talk about local election politics, but I can see what Chris Briem was saying about how the election seems further than it is.

So I have the same questions you voice.