Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Covering the point spread ...

A bit more on the 11 points (God could only manage ten commandments).

Ravenstahl says "I know that not everybody will agree with my plan,". Well, yes and no. I mean, those points do basically cover all the things (vaguely) that you might want to see happen in the City. Who can argue with “Solve Our Legacy Costs Crisis”, for example?

Of course, who can explain exactly what that means, and how it is going to happen? Shouldn’t Ravenstahl explain that, or more accurately have explained it already? Further, if Ravenstahl means that he is going to work on all those 11 points all at once (like the Obama administration is trying to take on all our national problems at once), then yeah, some may question how a city in Act 47 status is going to do all that at once. Are the 11 points/goals ranked in the order they will be addressed? Why is greening the City so far down, then?

But basically disagreeing with Ravenstahl’s 11 points is like disagreeing with someone who says “don’t kick puppies”. Which is Ravenstahl’s intention. Voters will say to Dowd “why don’t you want to solve our legacy cost crisis?” or if Dowd agrees with Ravenstahl, then why is he running against him?

If it were me, I would have made each of the 11 points on Ravenstahl’s campaign web site clickable. They would have been hyperlinked to a detailed description of what Ravenstahl has done on this particular point and what he wants to do if re-elected. But that’s why I’m not a campaign person, because I think of stupid ideas like giving the voting public more information.

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