Friday, August 14, 2009

As soon as I can find one, this blog will have a new author

I am embarrassed to say I didn't know what the word indolent means


Bitter Clinger said...

Indolence is one of the primary character traits of Liberals along with cowardice and irresponsibility. Government, legislation and prison, is the Instead-Men for a Liberal.
An African tribal aborigine might think because I am bitter and cling to my guns and religion, that I have anti-immigration and anti-trade sentiments but he would be wrong. As the son and grandson of immigrants, I support free trade and open immigration. As Milton Friedman said, “You cannot simultaneously have open immigration and a welfare state.” I say, “What an opportunity!”

EdHeath said...

OK …

In the context of the post, the indolent are the South Koreans who take advantage of the “instead-man” services. I have no doubt there are indolent, cowardly and/or irresponsible liberals, much as there are cowardly, indolent and/or irresponsible conservatives. In the interest of not being irresponsible, I shall not speculate on whether one group or the other has more cowardly, indolent and/or irresponsible members.

As for immigrants having access to welfare (or other government services), obviously that can be controlled through ones social security number. Immigrants who are citizens are clearly entitled to whatever welfare or government services other citizens are. For Immigrants whose Tax Identification Number identifies them as something other than a citizen, the government (federal, state, county or city) can use that number to deny them or charge them for any or all particular government services. And if an immigrant does not have a valid TIN, then they can face other consequences.

If the state, county or city you live in offers government services to a group you think should not get them, I urge you to vote your desires in the next available election.

Vannevar said...

First, no new author, please. I like this one.

Second, I'm sorry to ask, but what is this Korean instead-men thing you're talking about? I'm missing the reference and feeling under-aware.

Thanks, great blog! Vannevar

EdHeath said...

Well, thank you, Vannevar.

If you click on the one sentence of the post, you will see what I was referring to (its alljust a hyperlink). It is worth reading the entire story in the Global Post, a publication I had never heard of before and yet saw two postive references to on Friday.