Friday, August 28, 2009

A tale of two ...

I have been ignoring local politics here. Between the pension bill and the stealth assessment issue (can Onorato delay long enough for the State legislature to take over the delaying duties?), there is certainly enough to write about. But not today.

Meanwhile, I was just thinking of Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford. As I recell, people were annoyed and somewhat disappointed that Governor Palin just up and left (and somewhat baffled). Although some imminent scandal was predicted at the time, none has shown up. Since then, she really hasn’t done much that she couldn’t have done as governor; maybe some of her Facebook entries would have been frowned on.

And then there’s Sanford. Caught in a weird scandal, an extra-marital affair he is continuing, his constituents evidently would like him to resign. I mean, I gather people thought he was doing an adequate job, and were ok with his, er, performence up to the minute it turned out he has a mistress. But now his own party has written him off, his lieutenant governor has offered to fall on his own sword for Sanford (take over if Sanford resigns, but not run for the seat when regular elections come up), but still Sanford won’t budge.

Republican Congresspersons may be more disciplined than the Democrats (although also a slight bit nuttier), but the governors are pretty entertaining. Except poor Bobby Jindal.

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