Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who's Obamacare?

It seems like I have read certain well regarded local bloggers complaining about Presdient Obama outsourcing the detail work of health care/insurance reform off to Congress. Because we know that if Obama had worked on it himself (or, say, given it to Michelle Obama to work on, in secret) and then just sprung it on Congress, nothing bad could possibly happen.

Of course, I should realize that anything Obama does will be wrong. The stimulus plan won’t work, until it starts working, and then people will decide the rest of the stimulus should be cancelled. Obama will be too close to the banks, except when he is too far away and over regulating. Obama won’t be doing enough for minorities, except when he steps into the Skip Gates thing and then is trying to persecute white cops.

The American public should understand that Obama is doing them an incredible favor by putting health care/insurance legislation in the hands of their legislators. It is a lot easier to get my opinion to Mike Doyle than to Barack Obama (although all Doyle will hear is one more person for end of life counseling). Of course, Obama is getting some insulation, a group to share the blame with if people don’t like the way the legislation shakes out. Plus, if Congress is writing the legislation, then the opposition is less likely about the fact that Obama is black. And if you think that every voter is entirely enlightened, and never takes race into account when forming an opinion about someone's policy, I have some beautiful grassy land to sell you (that just happens to be outside Phoenix).

Again, of course, people will say that it is Obama (or myself) who is hyper sensitive, with no reason for being so. I would say in response, I will respect that opinion if you are black in America.

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