Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I should post something ...

I should post something, to keep y'all interested.

Really, I got nothing.

A horse, a rabbi and Robert Zimmerman (tm) walk into a bar. The Bartender looks up and says "What is this, some sort of a joke?" Buh-duhp bah (rimshot noise ... no, not that).

I did want to say something about the Vatican's continuing problems. Did the pope really equate accusations that he ignored child abuse to "petty gossip"? Really? I mean, that is probably worse than the George W Bush school of how to navigate politics.

Primaries coming up. Listen, any economist should tell you, if he or she is being honest, that your vote counts for nothing. But voting is like behaving morally after realizing you can't really dismiss the existentialists logically. You gotta do it, so vote for the people who would surprise you when they screwed you over (the Sestaks, the Hoeffels, Obama ...and I am probably misspelling all these guys names). Specter is probably a lock, and maybe Onorato, but these other guys would be better in office. So make a statement, charge that windmill, Don Q.

Did I just read that Obama opened up coastline for oil drilling? Say whut?

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