Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Earth Hour moment ...

So tonight Earth Hour took place, from 8:30 to 9:30 (for the uninitiated, that is turning off the lights for an hour). I had seen commercials, and Bill Peduto (tm) had tweeted about it (OK, Bill Peduto is not trademarked; I wouldn't have made the joke but I seriously doubt he reads my blog). At first I thought it was at 8:00, but then I found it out it was supposed to start at 8:30 (OK, that was really apropos of nothing).

So I did taxes today, the Saturday 10 to 4 shift that went to 4:30 (I should have stayed longer, been a mensch, but I might have ended up being the last one there, and I am not that much of a mensch). After leaving Just Harvest, I suffered through some typical Pittsburgh Saturday traffic to make my way to Costco, picked up some cheap gas and then did some unnecessary shopping there. I followed that up by whipping out to an Aldi (I had missed Aldi last week on my shopping circuit). So I had been wanting to get to an Aldi, but of course there is also a Dollar store and a Big Lots in that strip mall as well. More unnecessary shopping and I was getting hungry, but i was also thinking about what might do about Earth Hour. The politically correct thing to do would be to buy a pillar candle or two, and wait out the hour respectfully considering the earth and energy and yada yada yada yawn. But I didn't buy the pillar and the little emergency candles I have burn out too fast.

So I thought to myself, I am hungry and I seriously doubt the typical Pittsburgh restaurateur has heard of Earth Hour (may a few, but I thought not many would have). I figured what better way to leave my lights off in my apartment than by not being in my apartment for the hour. That little Thai place in Regent Square seemed like a god bet (it always seemed like it wasn't very busy). Turned out Saturday night is a different story. I sat in the coffee shop across the street, and waited for a bit to see if it might empty ... a bit (I was hungry).

It didn't. So I just went to Taco Bell, ate a Fresco Burrito, read some of Charlie Pierce's new book "Idiot America" (courtesy of the Library). I am going to have to report back on that book after I finish it (and probably buy it, it is that good so far).

Here's where I might say something profound or at least witty .... or sumpin'

Got nothing.

Happy Earth Hour.


bill said...

Ed - as I told you at the Council road Show at Union Project - I always read your blog - I just don't post on blogs (until now).


EdHeath said...


Boy, do I feel like Tina Fey.

Anne said...
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EdHeath said...

Someone named Anne left a comment: "Well we have also took part in Earth hour.It was a great effort made by people from all over the world to save the Earth." And she left a link to something called *Farmville Expert" at Since I know nothing of the link, I deleted her comment.

maria said...

Earth Hour didn't suffer for a lack of gimmicks. Servers wearing glow in-the-dark necklaces sold eco tinis at bars and restaurants in Phoenix.
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